In Japan

The disposals are revoked contrrias' '. Thus, under applauses, the minor of the agencies was crowned king and gentleman of all human organism, for unanimous decision of its pairs. Signed the act, cu took ownership and until today it orders in the body. He proved himself, in definitive, that the importance of the things is not in its off size of the other things, but in the paper that each one exerts in the context where if it inserts and it acts. Each thing occupying its place and exerting its paper pra the good functioning of the set, each one gains importance, all relative is benefited with the others, of the greater to the minor.

It are of the functional context and service to the others, nobody, nothing has importance and power, is great. Therefore, the power biggest is in the biggest service given to the set biggest of people or things. Thus, I learned that the importance of the things is relative to the given service. One turbine of the Plant Hidroeltrica de Xing is bigger thousand of times that buttons bind that it and disconnect. But, without them, it does not function and thousands of people are without energy. The compared buttons are almost nothing with the turbines. But, without them, the powerful 550 turbines of megawats each will not produce energy. Being, a time, more proven that the power is in the base of the things, the elements, the smallness.

In the hour that to understand this, it will finish the fight for the power and will reign the peace in the world. Therefore, the power is in the certain service to collective well-being. The beginning of the authority it is the service. Authority comes of? augere? , to grow, to go up. From there it comes height, the raised point more. To serve is to promote growth, well-being of others; to give to other chance of if expanding, without concern if they concur with me. If each one makes its part, of beforehand knows that all will be benefited. When all serve well, all will be served, without competition necessity nor fight for the power. When they construam the Cathedral of Chartres (France), they had asked to a laborer which its function in the workmanship. Its reply it was to stone: ' ' I am constructing one catedral' ' , so conscientious the success of the workmanship was of the importance of its humble work pra all. In Japan, professors of primary education are remunerated as of superior level. If these produce to know scientific, those educate citizens of today and tomorrow, that they represent superior patrimony to any science. Therefore, they deserve all respect and excellent remuneration. Definitively, the power is in the small ones.