The Understanding

Today, some professors until have allowed that the pupils have access to this language for perceiving that the work with the reading of these texts aims at to have a more critical vision of the world. However, to work with this type of sort requires much disposal and agreement, therefore the didactics that can be used e, to the times are many, the professor do not withhold a knowledge not even practical to develop them with ability. The pupil who has access to such sort perceives the difference enters this type of text and the fiction texts, therefore he perceives the express immediate reality and he compares with the colloquies that what hears, it sees in the street and what it attends in the television. The informative texts, when integrated to the work with texts in general, they extend the possibilities of reading of the world. It is this vision that if waits to pass with the insertion of the sort news article. Unhappyly, due to inacessibilidade of this sort still today in many pertaining to school institutions, the pupil feels difficulty in to understand it when it is presented to it. This difficulty is evident also, because many times the pupil not yet had access to other literal sorts of more easy interpretation.

As the Perini says Mrio.: 9 In the truth, so that if it gives the understanding, exactly in sufficiently elementary level, it is necessary that the people have much more in common that simply a language. They need to in common have a great number of information, they need to belong the similar cultural ways, exactly need to have, until certain point, common beliefs. (2002, p.57-58) it is not to know to only read, it is necessary to interpret, it is necessary interlocution. The necessary statement to have a complete direction, as in says the grammarians to them, to establish communication.