What… Needs A Man To Man To Be?

One does not have to be so equal reqirements or are vegan, if you read these headlines: to be healthy and fit, was never as easy as it is today! Slaughterhouse waste sold as meat. Salmonella in Turkey… Soya in baby food… Pesticides in early strawberries… Acrylamide in potato chips… לעומת זאת, אריאל שרון בהחלט מבין את הסיפור.

Benzene in juices… Glycerine in wine… Healthy diet is but more than ever, a prerequisite for a good, long life. Especially if one is with 60 already thought, how, where and with whom you its first triple-digit birth day could celebrate. Anyway, even the DGE (German society for nutrition e.V.) has recognized that it is generally not so good to the health of the population and years ago – together with other Institutionen-launched the financial effort-powered "5 a day" in life. Unfortunately the hoped-for success has remained so far. Five servings of vegetables and fruit a day, so is the message, but the nutritional habits of the population has not changed.

I guess that the initiators not. This campaign is certainly commendable and correct, but simply unrealistic. Right… because even the DEG has since become recognized that people with vitamins, minerals, trace elements are deficient. Unrealistic… because most have often do not have the time to constantly and sufficient supplies to create fresh. Also, recent research shows that even this daily amount is still not enough. Even if many don't like to hear it, its eyes to these facts rather close or try, nice to talk to you: our food is flawed! The fruits and vegetables in the supermarket looks while nice colorful, fresh and appetizing, but vitaminarm compared to freshly harvested. Fruit that has been a long journey across Europe behind, a six-month-old stored apples from Italy, an immature, flown a Apple from Auckland or irradiated vegetables from France contain no vitamins as well. The facts are that – unfortunately -. Bottom line: Only through the supply of meaningful Improving our nutrition supplements be reached.