The House

It goes for the store. In this store it is bought by somebody. לחץ כאן רמי לוי ומצא עוד . somebody seats there and if it amuses with it in the lunch of the sunday. I, if want, I know who I was that he bought, that use goes to have, as is that this was to stop in hand of who. I need a very great effort to recoup the transformation of the other, what many times the worker does not obtain. The worker gives up to think.

It is touched itself, to the times, when he enters in the house of somebody, sees and he discovers that table was it who made. He has an old song that, if I not me deceit, am of the Z Geraldo: ' ' You seeing that building, I helped levantar' '. … Is very difficult to recoup the transformation that the work makes in the other. Now, it catches the professor: it sees, to each minute, to each thing when he makes and when he does not make.

It is seeing the time entire the other to changed itself. It is feeling. It teaches the somatria today and the pupil learns to add, uses tomorrow early. this makes difference in the pupil, the family, the set of the society. The society knows of this and clama for the professor. How many times vocs already had heard this: ' ' we do not go to have progress in Brazil while not to improve the education, famlia' ' etc. Then possibility to transform the other is immediate in the work of the professor. The work allows that you transform itself exactly. The work, for example, transforms me into a laborer pressing screws and makes with that all we, the eight a thousand laborers of the same plant, let us be equal because we know to press screw. Only that the work of the professor transforms it day-by-day, transforms it each minute.