Connection PDAs Phones

Ways to connect mobile devices (phones, smartphones, PDAs) and computer (laptop): 1) Data-cable 2) ir port 3) Bluetooth 4) Wi-Fi Let's discuss each type of connection: 1) Connecting with Data-cable provides primarily high-speed data transmission. Cable also provides the ability to perform many useful operations such as editing the registry, install and uninstall programs. You do not need, except the data-cable and driver disk. Less of this compound is that the need to connect the device and keep it 'tied' with the computer. This deficiency deprived of wireless connections. The downside could also be considered and that the cable No – that is, when you change phones you may need to be replaced and the cable.

There are several types of cables – for easy transfer of files to / flashing the phone, and combines all these properties, but also recharge the handset. The latter option is preferable, but expensive. You decide. 2) Connecting with the infrared port is already outdated. ir ports are already supplanted Bluetooth. Disadvantages of such a compound set, and benefits (communication without wires) are insignificant. Disadvantages: – Infrared devaysa and a usb infrared port in your computer (or built into the laptop) to see each other directly at a distance of 50 centimeters – is extremely slow rate round-trip – in violation of communication (the appearance of hedges, etc.) connection is dropped.

3) Connect via Bluetooth has its advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage – the ability to synchronize devices using radio frequencies beyond the line of sight (at an average distance of about 10 meters). This compares favorably with the compound of the Bluetooh from connecting via infrared port. Especially since most modern mobile phones equipped with a chip Bluetooth. To connect you need a Bluetooth device and receiving device such as Bluetooth-USB-adapter for your computer. 4) The compound of the Wi-Fi (another high-speed way to transmit digital data over radio channels, acting in a radius of 30 meters indoors and up to 300 meters in open spaces) shines only holders of handhelds, smartphones and mobile phones last generation. It is devoid of all defects predecessors. This says it all